Card Vault

Keep all your credit cards in a single place. You can lock your vault with a password or use FaceID or TouchID to unlock it. Check it out on the iTunes App Store
Card Vault


Working as a contractor for a startup, we developed a new way to make a party. Putting together clients and suppliers, you can make a party with a few clicks. The iOS App is under development, but the Web app and REST API is ready. I built the backend using Ruby on Rails and Postgres.

FestaUp - iOS App

Experimenta Design 2015

The “Experimenta Design 2015” was a Art Fair hosted in João Pessoa, Brazil, intended to share knowledge and experience. I developed the Web client for the admins to post and create the events’ calendar, a RESTful API and the iOS App. The users can select which talk they would like to go and schedule a notification to remind them. They also can share the posts and photos on their social networks.

Experimenta iOS

The Police Officer Web Platform

A project developed for the Military Police of the Paraíba State - Brazil. The Web platform aimed to help the Police officer on duty. They can arrest criminals, take pictures, record videos, share the crime location and report every aspect of the crime with a few clicks. They can create a database of criminals and share with their partners, enforcing and fighting against crime.

The Police Officer web platform

Boletim PMPB

Working as a police officer for the Military Police of Paraíba State, I always had a hard time when I tried to pull up my phone and read the corporative bulletin. The website wasn’t responsive at all. I came up with the idea of creating an app to bypass the HTML problem and show the PDF. You have to be a police officer to log in, but you are free to download and check the app in the iTunes App Store

Boletim PMPB iOS